From Coffee Beans to You Cup of Coffee

Have you ever wondered how the fresh coffee you brew and drink every day is made? Well, after reading this article I bet you will appreciate coffee even more than you did till now. Most of us are coffee drinkers. We depend on coffee every morning to wake us up before starting our work day, and we love drinking coffee while sitting with our friends at cafes around town. However, the coffee in your coffee machine’s capsules, at your local cafe, or in any other form you see it before drinking, goes through a long process so that you can enjoy it.

Green Coffee Beans

Coffee Plants

Coffee Plants

The coffee drink is prepared from roasted coffee seeds, more known as coffee beans. The coffee beans hide inside coffee berries which grow on the coffee plant, Coffea. Once the berries are picked, they are stripped of their skin to reveal the coffee beans. After a cleaning process, the beans are then sorted according to their size and wholeness, packed and shipped from country to country. The beans in that stage are also referred to as “Green coffee beans”.

Coffee Roast

The next stage in the life of coffee beans is the roasting stage. The coffee beans are roasted evenly at a temperature of 288°C (550°F). After around 8 minutes of roasting, the beans crack, double their size and loose half of their weight. During the roasting the beans produce among others, an oil called “Caffeol”. The Caffeol gives the coffee its flavor and aroma which we like so much. The beans continue to be roasted until the desired level, from “light roast” to “dark roast”.

Following the roast stage, the coffee beans are cooled down and allowed to “breath” air between 10 hours and 3 days, depending on the type of roast, type of coffee beans, and the amount of beans. It is important to then air seal the coffee, since the oxygen harms the coffee, and makes it loose its flavor.

Before brewing the coffee at your local cafe or at your home using your very own coffee machine, the beans must be ground. You can then get your coffee drink in many delicious ways, but that will be discussed in other articles…

So are you going to get a cup of coffee or what? :)

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