Coffee Machines

Coffee machines have been around for a long time and are here to stay. New technologies and innovations in the coffee machine world are constantly being developed. Each espresso machine system has its pros and cons, and fits the needs of different types of consumers. This blog focuses on 3 of the more popular systems:

  • Traditional Coffee Machines
  • Capsule System Coffee Machines
  • Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Here is a small summary on these system, but you can read more about the systems in our general and machine specific posts:

Capsule System Coffee Machines

Coffee Capsules

Coffee Capsules

Capsule systems for making coffee are a newer method than the traditional coffee handle machines, and are well fitted for home or small office uses. They offer a simpler, cleaner way for producing quality espresso and other coffee and tea beverages. Essentially, capsules which contain premeasured amount of sealed ground coffee are inserted in the compatible capsule system machines. The machines then pierce the top part of the capsule to allow the water to flow through. Following that, hot water is forced through the capsule with high pressure, extracting the beverage to the cup. Each capsule is used once and then disposed of.

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Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

It isn’t hard to guess what “Bean to Cup” or automatic coffee machines are meant to give us. You supply the coffee beans of your choice (instead of ground coffee in capsules or any other form) and put them in a special compartment in the coffee machine, then let the machine take care of all the necessary phases:

  • Grinding the coffee beans
  • Measuring the correct dose of coffee grounds for our desired drink
  • Pressing the coffee grounds
  • Automatically setting the dose for an espresso, long or double espresso
  • Brewing a delicious aromatic coffee drink
  • In some machines, frothing the milk if needed

Jura Z5

Jura Z5

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Traditional Coffee Machines

Traditional espresso or coffee machines are where this started… Measuring the right amount of coffee ground to put, pressing it just the right way and operating the machines may be more of a hassle than the previously discussed machines, not to mention the cleanup, but it could be argued that they brew the best espresso coffee if you know your way.

The traditional espresso machine gives you control over the entire espresso coffee brewing process: dosing, tamping, actioning the manual lever to pressure the water through the coffee and of course, timing each of these operations. The user still controls the beginning and the end of the brewing process, but the machine develops the water pressure.

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