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Jura Machines Reviews and Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Just a quick post to let you know I am working on several reviews for the amazing bean to cup coffee machines by Jura. These are considered by some to be the top choice, especially if talking about home coffee machines. I’ll try to bring you some real close-up photos and inside information that you won’t find in other places. So wait for this :)

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Also, I am working these days on an interactive espresso machine advisor, to help direct you to some of the best fitted options for you, according to several important questions, like what is the main use you require of the machines, how much you want to invest, etc… I will post it here in my blog as soon as it is ready.

From Coffee Beans to You Cup of Coffee

Have you ever wondered how the fresh coffee you brew and drink every day is made? Well, after reading this article I bet you will appreciate coffee even more than you did till now. Most of us are coffee drinkers. We depend on coffee every morning to wake us up before starting our work day, and we love drinking coffee while sitting with our friends at cafes around town. However, the coffee in your coffee machine’s capsules, at your local cafe, or in any other form you see it before drinking, goes through a long process so that you can enjoy it.

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