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The Caffitaly System (or Caffita System) is one of the capsule systems for brewing coffee beverages such as espresso, and other beverages as tea. In order to use capsules of the Caffitaly system one has to use the dedicated coffee machines designed for those capsules. The system was developed by the Italian company Gaggia. It is not marketed in the US as far as I know, and generally lacks in marketing compared to Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or Tassimo.

Gaggia is also a coffee machine making company, so naturally Gaggia machines, such as the Gaggia K111d home coffee maker are compatible with the system. However, other machine makers such as Saceo with their Saceo Office machine are also compatible.

One of the important aspects of a capsule system is the technology behind its capsules. With Caffitaly the core of the technology is the use of two small filters inside the capsules. Water is forced with pressure through the first filter allowing an even contact with the tightly packed 8 grams (or 0.28 ounces) of coffee grains. When it passes through the second filter, the coffee is extracted and exits as a full-bodied, dense espresso, blanked with a consistent, compact cream.

I put together for you a list of most of the Caffitaly compatible coffee machines. Unfortunately this capsule system isn’t marketed in the US as far as I know, but other great systems are the Nespresso capsule system and the Tassimo capsule system.

L’Amante Gaggia Caffitaly

Let the allure of AMANTE seduce you away from your usual Espresso. A distinctive aroma that will tantalize you every day, an attractive design composed of soft lines and fine details, an automatic capsule piercing and expulsion system that makes Espresso preparation a snap. Thanks to its pannarello, Amante fulfils also your desire for cappuccino, tea or infusion.

L'Amante Gaggia

L'Amante Gaggia

Baby Gaggia Caffitaly

Built with technologically innovative components, has an exclusive extraction system designed to use Caffitaly coffee capsules. It guarantees that you will always have a superb espresso. A high pressure pump extracts all the aromas from the coffee blend and gives the cream greater body.

Baby Gaggia

Baby Gaggia

Evolution Gaggia Caffitaly

Created with particular attention to design, follows sharp clean lines using high quality materials and exclusive finishings. A design which is highly focused, particularly on the user: the front water tank that is withdrawn from the side, the large space to hold cups, the easy-to-use, exclusive controls all make Espresso Evolution a choice of style and tradition.

Gaggia Evolution

Gaggia Evolution

K111d Gaggia Caffitaly

Take a break and let the unique aroma of your coffee made by K111-d guide you. Thanks to its dosing system it’s possible to choose from Espresso, coffee crema and long coffee, but in any case always an authentic Italian coffee.

Gaggia K111d

Gaggia K111d

K111 Gaggia Caffitaly

There has never been a simpler way to have a great Espresso. The new coffee machine K 111 is fitted with an innovative and practical capsule insertion system which ensures to prepare a cup of Espresso in a few seconds. Sober and elegant, K111 will ensure you a consistently high quality drinking experience everyday.

Gaggia K111

Gaggia K111

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  • Li

    Thank you so much for your website. It is really helpful. Can I just confirm that if a machine uses caffitaly capsules, it will be able to use any brand of caffitaly capsules? e.g. Gaggia, Lavazza ?

  • admin

    That is correct – Any Caffitaly system machine will be able to use all brands of Caffitaly capsules.

  • The Caffitaly system is now sold in the USA as the CBTL (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) system. CBTL sell their own coffee blends as single serve capsules for their own brand of machines, which are compatible with any Caffitaly/Gaggia machines/capsules. As of 2011 there are three CBTL machines and the machines and capsules can be found in the stores as well as online. With prices well below Nespresso and the option of locally purchasing the capsules, this makes them quite competitive.

  • Pablo

    Thanks for the site! I have one question: I’m using the Nautilus machine and I’m wondering if the capsules sold by CBTL are compatible with it. If not, do you know where I can buy coffee capsules for the Nautilus here in the US?

  • admin

    Yep, the CBTL capsules should work on your Nautilus. Enjoy…

  • I am using the Cafissimo coffee maker from Tchibo Germany.
    I would like to check if I can use th CBTL capsules on Tchibo?

  • admin

    Well from what I can tell and read – Cafissimo uses the Caffitaly capsules system, which is the same system CBTL capsules use – So I would bet on it 99.9%.

  • Jan

    I have tried CBTL capsules on my Cafissimo DUO maker and it works. To be honest, CBTL capsules are not the best ones. Chicco doro, ecaffe or Cagliari are better in my eyes.

  • Jake

    Desmond, I can confirm that CBTL capsules work in Tchibo brand Cafissimo machines. I’ve ordered the capsules and find them a nice addition to the somewhat limited coffee choices offered by Tchibo.

  • Ferret

    The CBTL single serve coffee systems that are available in the USA (Bed, Bath & Beyond carries one model) uses the Caffitaly System capsules. These machines makes espresso with 15 bar pressure as well as regular brewed coffee. CBTL has capsules available with the CBTL coffees and espressos.

  • I take it that caffitaly capsules won’t work in a Keurig coffee maker?? Didn’t want to open the box and find out that they wouldn’t work.

  • Johnston

    CBTL and caffitaly are the best! Love the system and the coffee, tea, and the gorgeous espresso. Wish they would expand sales of the capsules in the USA.

  • HilariaM

    I’d like to know if CBTL has abandoned the Caffitaly machines in favor of the Keurig machines? If so, where can owners of CBTL Kaldi, or Americano machines continue to get capsules?

  • Chris C.

    Are Nepresso PODS compatible with CBTL machine

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