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Capsule System

Coffee Capsules

Coffee Capsules

Capsule systems for making coffee are a newer method than the traditional coffee handle machines, and are well fitted for home or small office uses. They offer a simpler, cleaner way for producing quality espresso and other coffee and tea beverages. Essentially, capsules which contain premeasured amount of sealed ground coffee are inserted in the compatible capsule system machines. The machines then pierce the top part of the capsule to allow the water to flow through. Following that, hot water is forced through the capsule with high pressure, extracting the beverage to the cup. Each capsule is used once and then disposed of.

Several capsule systems exist in the market, and each of them has a unique capsule technology which means the capsules have a unique shape and structure. For each capsule system, a limited variety of coffee machine, that are compatible with the system’s unique capsules, are available. For example, the Nespresso D100 coffee machine is made by Magimix and Krups for the Nespresso capsule system. This coffee maker may be a very good one, but it will not be able to handle a capsule from the Caffitaly capsule system.

So capsules are sold in many shapes and flavors. You can buy them in stores, or online. I wanted to put together this article, to make some things a little clearer for those of you who are thinking about buying a coffee machine for your home. Here is a summary of some of the most popular capsule systems available:

The Caffitaly System

Caffitaly System

Caffitaly System

The Caffitaly System (or Caffita System) is a capsule system for making espresso and other coffee, and tea drinks in home espresso machines designed for the Caffitaly system. The system was developed by the Italian company Gaggia. The Caffitaly capsule has two small filters. The coffee is extracted as the high pressure water passes through the grounded coffee and the filters in the capsule. Caffitaly capsules are found in the world though different manufacturers, which brand the capsules in a different ways, but the capsules are always the same.

Among the Gaggia coffee machines which use the Caffitaly system you can find the K111d Gaggia Caffitaly, L’Amante Gaggia Caffitaly and the new Nautilus.

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The Nespresso System

Nespresso D100

Nespresso D100

The Nespresso System‘s capsules are made of pressed aluminum foil. The top and sides are made of a thick layer, and the base is covered with a thinner layer. After the top is pierced and the machine activated, pressurized hot water runs into the top of the capsule, which in turn causes the bottom of the capsule (thinner layer) to bow out, and finally be pierced by the machine. This way the brewed coffee can flow into the cup.

Among the popular coffee makers which use the Nespresso system are the Nespresso D100, Nespresso D185 Le Cube and many more.

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The Tassimo System

The Tassimo System’s capsules have among others, drinks that include milk, such as cappuccino. The capsules are called T-Discs and have a bar code printed on their label. The Tassimo machine reads the bar code to calculate the amount of water, brewing time, and temperature for the specific beverage. The brewing process takes between 30-60 seconds. Discs containing milk use UHT milk, not powdered milk.

The newer coffee makers which use the Tassimo system include the Bosch TAS4511 Multi Beverage Machine and other models by Bosch.

Pod Systems

There are more capsule systems, like the Keurig system with it’s K-Cup portion cups, and even more pod systems. Pods are tightly packed filter bags filled with coffee grounds (sometimes called pads). These pods fit in special machines for their system, or on special adaptors fitted in traditional coffee handles, so you can place the pods instead of actual coffee grounds. One of these pod systems is the Senseo system that makes pods for coffee makers made by Philips and Douwe Egberts. Models that utilize this system include among others the Senseo HD7832 Supreme Single-Serve Gourmet Coffeemaker.

Senseo HD7832

Senseo HD7832

I hope this gives you some useful information about the capsule systems available. Follow the links to get more information about the different systems, and the relevant coffee makers.

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