Nespresso C90,C100,D90,D100 Espresso Machines Review

Nespresso’s entry level espresso machines are a series of beautifully designed machines. They are all designed for the Nespresso capsule system .  Quite a few models came out and really it’s kind of hard to tell them apart, so you should pay attention to the small features that are different between some of the models. The relevant model are: Nespresso C90 GS and RS, Nespresso C100 GS and RS, Nespresso D90 GS and RS, and Nespresso D100 GS and RS.

The C series is equivalent to the European version designed by Krups (Krups xn2000). The D series is the European version designed Magimix (Magimix M100).

Nespresso D100

Nespresso D100

Nespresso C100

Nespresso C100

These machines are entry level espresso machines that use the Nespresso capsules to produce really smooth and rich flavored espresso drinks. They are simple to operate and are of a relatively lower price, but they are a great option to consider for your home or for a CEO’s office.

The machines are great if you want to use them for making espressos, but if you want drink like latté that require a tall glass or cappuccinos on a daily basis, these machine are not the ideal option since there is just not much room for more than an espresso cup. Also, the machines do not include a milk steaming nozzle, so if you plan on doing that, get an external accessory such as the cool Nespresso Aeroccino Automatic Milk Frother. The machines are also sold as a combo with the Aeroccino.

On the other hand, no milk steaming nozzle means less cleanup and with its built in used capsule disposal container (14 capsules) you have a machine that doesn’t leave a mess behind, and is very easy to clean, which makes it ideal for some people.

A nice feature in the C100 and D100 (as opposed to the C90 and D90 machines) is the automatic dosing system, that controls how much water you want in your espresso, so you get the perfect espresso each time. In the manual model you control the water volume by a press of a button to start the water and again to stop it.

These espresso machines use the Thermoblock water pump system which was developed by Nespresso, so you will get your espressos with delicious flavor and aroma, because of the exact right water pressure (19 Bar) and temperature flowing through the capsules.

One last note, in case you don’t know this, you are limited to one of 12 flavors in capsules currently offered by Nespresso. Only Nespresso makes and markets capsules for Nespresso machines. This is not a big limitation really, since 12 is a nice variety, and Nespresso offers an easy way to order capsules from its website.

Coffee Makers Summary

  • Designed for the Nespresso capsule system.
  • Beautiful design and great tasting espresso making machines.
  • Simple and price competitive entry level espresso maker.
  • Thermoblock system for perfect pressure (19 Bar) and temperature of water.
  • Dosing system for the perfect amount of water in your espresso.
  • Single espresso cup height tray.
  • 0.9 Liter water tank for 20 espressos.
  • 14 used capsule disposal container.
  • Works great together with Nespresso Aeroccino Automatic Milk Frother for milk frothing.
  • Dim. : H 252 x L 166 x D 291 mm (Both)

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