Gaggia Baby Nero Traditional Coffee Machine

This coffee handle type espresso machine is another one of the new generation coffee makers from Gaggia. The Gaggia Baby Nero has a black design and will look great at home or a small office. It has a 1.6 Liter removable water container, but is recommended for no more than 20 cups a day.

Gaggia Baby Nero

Gaggia Baby Nero

You can use both coffee grounds and pods when preparing your espresso. You will get a 15 Bar water pressure with this machine. The machine has an aluminum boiler and a stainless steel base. For milk steaming, use the built in Gaggia Pannarello.

It differs from the other “Baby” products in its control panel type and color, and is also a little lighter.

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Coffee Machine Summary

  • Size: 24.5 cm X 40 cm X 26.5 cm
  • Weight: 6 KG
  • Up to 20 cups per day
  • Professional coffee handle
  • 15 Bar water pressure
  • 1.6 Liter water container
  • Aluminum boiler
  • Pannarello milk steaming system

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