The Tassimo Capsule System

I’d like to tell you about this popular capsule system. What’s cool about the capsules of this system is that they are not just coffee drinks, but other hot beverages as well, like hot chocolate, tea, and basically more milk based beverages. To get the milk based beverages, you combine 2 capsules (one for the milk and another for the beverage) and you get a tasty hot beverage. Another thing Tassimo did is have their capsules branded by well known brands, so buying “Starbucks” coffee capsules or “Twinings” tea capsules for your machine can be really cool. The machines are also competitively priced so overall it is a pretty cheap and fun hot beverage maker for your consideration.

Tassimo Capsules

Tassimo Capsules

I would say that people who are looking for high quality espresso, may look at ground coffee espresso machines, or other capsule systems, since there is really only one machine for the Tassimo system, by Bosch (check out the Bosch TAS4511 Tassimo), or you can also find a machine by Braun, both of which are pretty much entry level machines.

The Tassimo machine works exclusively with capsules called Tassimo Discs (T DISCs), and a unique bar code reading system. When the T DISC is inserted, the machine reads the unique bar code printed on the label. The code specifies the following specification which makes for a perfect brewing, depending on the beverage type:

Bosch TAS4511 Tassimo

Bosch TAS4511 Tassimo

  • Water temperature
  • T DISC type
  • Brew cycle (pre-wetting, brewing)
  • Water quantity
  • Liquid velocity
  • Air or Steam Purge

You cannot use any other capsules, pods or ground coffee with the Tassimo machines (made by Bosch), so you are limited to their range of beverages. T DISCs are available at supermarkets, and you can find them online on Amazon or at the Tassimo online store.

Bosch and Braun both provide a two-year warranty on their machines.

Check out user reviews and price comparison for the Bosch TAS4511 Tassimo.

Here is a demonstration video by Bosch:

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